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Basitmentos, Bocas del Toro


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Basitmentos, Bocas del Toro
8 Acres

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Silverback, Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro
Silverbackā€¦a premier surf break in Central America located off Isla Bastimentos in Panama. Named for the Silverback Gorilla due to its size, strength, and beauty, it attracts pro surfers and professional surf competitions from around the world.

The Silverback property is ideally suited for a high end surf resort. Located directly in front of the Silverback surf break, it is comprised of approximately 8 acres with more than 390 feet of white sand beachfront. The property has a gentle slope up, which can accommodate numerous building sites with amazing views of the surf break and Isla Carenero. Due to the beautiful coral reefs in front of the property, it is also ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

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