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Saigon, Bocas del Toro


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Saigon, Bocas del Toro
Isla Colon - Bocas Town
0.1 Acres

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Casa Rosada is located in an area known as Saigon Bay on the "istmito" ,the little isthmus, connecting Bocas Town to the main island of Colon. This little hostel faces panoramic views of the Almirante Bay and the mainland, with white sand beach less then 100 meters to the rear across the road.

The property is accessible by paved road or private dock ( currently being rebuilt, new) Casa Rosada is two stories, consisting of three ensuite bedrooms.

Many options exist: leave it as 3 room rental,converting for part rental/part personal or all personal.

Dock space in the proximity of town, is extremely limited. For those with their own boat, this could THE SPOT for both the living/boating lifestyle.

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